Friday, May 18, 2007

What is this all about?

Let me introduce my self. My name is Dave, and I have been in the microcomputer industry in one form or another since 1974 [wow!]. During that time I have witnessed the rapid evolution of personal computers from 250lb power hungry light dimming behemoths, to the pocket pc of today.

For the most part I have been a slave to Windows and Visual Basic for a majority of the programming I have done on the PC. That is about to change. I have become fed up with "Uncle Bill" and his friends in Redmond, and have decided that "VISTA" is the last straw.

Starting in about a month, I will begin the switch from Microsoft Windows powered machines to the Apple Mac and OSX.

My first major venture into programming in the world of OSX will be of all things... a Basic compiler. Yes I know.... there are a few out there already. Objective-Basic being the one that seems to be getting the most coverage lately. However I feel that ObjBas lacks a lot, so I am going to try a totally different approach.

My Basic Objectives [pun intended]
1) retain as much of the syntax of VB6 as possible
2) make the compiler powerful enough to compile itself
3) create GUI forms without Interface Builder [not sure about this one]

The first version [already under developement] will actually be written in VB6 on a Windows computer. Once objective #2 is met, development will transition totally to the OSX environment.

Any comments, suggestions, ideas etc... are welcome.

Also... I need a catchy name for this future product!!